12 Volt Motor Suitable for Small Boats

Designed with holding brackets to keep in place without clamps.  Suitable for all Sevylor boats.

Battery Clamps and Leads Attached

Just Add a Small Battery

Weight: 4lb

Low Speed RPM: 3390

High Speed RPM: 3580

Low Speed Thrust: 5lb

High Speed Thrust: 13lb

No Load Current: 0.9A

Full Load Low Speed: 5.8A

Full Load High Speed: 12.5A


RT40S - 12V

Riptide® transom-mount motors are packed with a host of saltwater-fighting components and features that are designed to keep you on the water longer. Select models also feature our exclusive 3X™ Steering with Tilt Steering Control. You get faster response and more fish-fighting control.


Riptide Features:


No other trolling motor withstands the destructive forces of saltwater like Riptide, giving you years of reliable, trouble-free service. Where other trolling motors back down, Riptide stands firm — featuring the industry’s first three-year warranty. That’s why more saltwater enthusiasts now have a Riptide transom-mount backing them up.

To demonstrate the difference between Riptide and the conformal-coated electronics of Great White®, we subjected each control board to 827 hours of salt spray. The results were obvious and clear. Riptide’s electronics displayed no adverse affects, while the Great White board showed significant corrosion. With Riptide, you get better protection for year after year of trouble-free service.

Advanced Corrosion Protection — Premium grade alloys, including aluminum upper arms, are impervious to rust. Metals undergo a rigid multi-step cleaning process before being anodized or coated with a special zinc dichromate armor plating and e-coat epoxy.

Fully Encapsulated Electronics — All control boards are fully encapsulated in marine-grade urethane to permanently seal the circuitry from external elements. The urethane forms an impregnable barrier against the destructive forces of saltwater.

Corrosion-Resistant Components — All fasteners and mounting hardware feature 300 series stainless steel.

3X™ Steering —Select Riptide models feature our exclusive 3X™ Steering. Move the Tilt Steering Control just 60 degrees to change the lower unit a full 180. Slight handle adjustments give you ultra-responsive control and ease of handling for sight fishing or when fighting hard-charging fish.

Tilt Steering Control — Telescoping handle extends to 21" with 5 detent settings for maximum comfort and control. Tiller tilts 20 degrees for maximum versatility. Ideal for steering with your knees when the action heats up.

Maximizer — Get up to five times longer run time on a single charge. Controls draw of power at infinitely variable speeds to conserve battery power and extend run time. (On select models.)

Sacrificial Anode — Protects metallic components from galvanic corrosion. Mounts to prop hub and is easily replaceable.

Cool, Quiet Power — Minn Kota’s larger brushes, windings and commutators generate less heat, less noise and run cooler…extending motor life and conserving battery power. You get greater sustained thrust and more time on the water. A unique bearing system produces low rpms/high torque to cut down on fish-spooking noise—so quiet they’ll never hear you coming.

3-Year Warranty — All Riptide saltwater trolling motors feature the industry’s first three-year warranty.